YZ-360B Hydraulic Vibratory Hammer

YZ-360B Technical Parameter Information

Eccentric Moment:
102 KGM
1800 RPM
Centrifugal Force:
3630 KN
Max. Line Pull:
1000 KN
Max. Amplitude:
29 MM
Max. Oil Flow:
1200 L/min
Dimensions (w/o clamp L*W*H):
3150x650x2430 mm
Weight (w/o clamp):
10300 kgs
Fitable Clamp Type:
Single / Double / Quadruple Clamp

Operating Principle

The vibro hammer generates huge vibratory force through the eccentric blocks. The eccentric blocks rotate at a high speed through hydraulic power pack.

And the high-frequency vibration generates the centrifugal force.

This centrifugal force can "liquefy" the soil around the pile so that the pile can fall into the soil under hammer weight or excavator pressure.

Detailed Introduction

YZ-360B Hydraulic Vibratory Hammer

Product Features


Due to the design principle of hydraulic vibro hammer, eccentric blocks of hammer vibrate at a high speed to produce large force. Then vibratory hammer can achieve driving or extracting of piles. It's more efficient and faster than excavator hammer or electric vibro hammer.


YONGAN hydraulic vibratory hammer uses a special design and production for key components, and provides additional driving and extracting performance on the basis of the world's average pilings.


Because vibro hammer force comes from power pack, hrdraulic vibro hammer body is very light. For example, YZ-180B uses an embedded motor and its width is only 530mm, weight only 5900kg. It can easily work in a narrow space while max centrifugal force is 2340kN.


Compared with diesel and automatic hammers, YONGAN hydraulic vibro hammers are green and don't disturb resident. Vibro hammer force directly transfers to pilings. Due to sound-proof design, YONGAN power pack can absorb 75% engine noise and use CAT, Cummins, volvo engine under the national emission standards.


The large capacity cooling system ensures that hydraulic vibro hammer can work efficiently and stably. Even if it keeps working for a long time, there won't be seriously overheated. Besides, gearbox adopts forced lubrication system design, which can not only fully lubricate components but also take away the heat produced by the high-speed operation of the components.


YONGAN hammers uses precise workmanship for electric and hydraulic systems including hoses, cables, couplings and other related parts. Thus YONGAN hammers have a long service life with minimal downtime and the whole system is reliable. For wear parts, YONGAN only choose high-quality consumable parts to assure equipments long-term working life to save customers'money.

YZ-360B Hydraulic Vibratory Hammer

YONGAN Power Pack Information

The low-noise, fuel-efficient power units comply with the latest exhaust emission regulations. They can constantly provide enormous power and can be easily operated by cable or radio remote control.

Optionally, operating parameters and machine data can be called up remotely via data modem. They are characterized by a robust design, good reliability and a comprehensive range of accessories.

All YONGAN Power Packs correspond to the US exhaust emission standard.

Equipment Selection Chart

YZ-360B Hydraulic Vibratory Hammer

Key Vibration Technology Data and Formula

֎ Eccentric Moment

The eccentric moment is the measure of unbalance. As a determining factor for amplitude it is a key parameter for driving operations.


֎ Speed (Frequency) n

The speed dictates the vibration frequency of the system. The vibrations are transferred via the pile to the surrounding soil, significantly reducing the surface friction between pile and soil. High frequencies counter the unwanted spread of vibrations in the soil.


֎ Centrifugal Force

The centrifugal force must be high enough to overcome surface friction between pile and soil. Centrifugal force plays a major part in reducing surface friction and provides impact force to overcome tip resistance.


֎ Total amplitude S

Together with centrifugal force, amplitude is a measure of driving performance. A large “stroke” and high “impact force” ensure good driving progress. When driving and extracting in cohesive soils, the elastic connection between pile and soil can only be broken if the amplitude is high enough.


֎ Acceleration a

Transmission of the pile acceleration to the surrounding soil causes the displacement of the grain structure and reduces grain friction and soil resistance. Acceleration is expressed as the ratio of acceleration of the vibrator to gravity:

֎ Eccentric moment M

YZ-360B Hydraulic Vibratory Hammer֎ Centrifugal Force

YZ-360B Hydraulic Vibratory Hammer֎ Total amplitude S

YZ-360B Hydraulic Vibratory Hammer

֎ Acceleration a

YZ-360B Hydraulic Vibratory Hammer

֎ Explain


M: Eccentric Moment. The eccentric moment is the measure of unbalance.

G: Gravity

r: radius

F: Centrifugal Force

ω: omega

π: Circular Constant

n: a(acceleration) divides g(gravity)

S: Total Amplitude S. Amplitude is a measure of driving performance.

M (static): Static Moment

G (dynamic): Dynamic Gravity

∑: sigma

a: Acceleration a

n: a(acceleration) divides g(gravity)


֎ Acceleration n

Power Pack for YZ-180B hydraulic vibro hammer electric vibratory pile driving extracting hammer pile driving hammer

The value can lie between 10 and 30.


Piling Project Example for YZ-360B Hydraulic Vibro Pile Driving & Extracting Hammer

YZ-360B Hydraulic Vibratory Hammer

YZ-360B Hydraulic Vibratory Hammer


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